Core Values

Mission Statement

We Build. Value. People. Trust.


Core Values

  • Excellence
  • Character
  • The Team
  • The Individual
  • Adaptability
  • Financial Responsibility
  • Quality and Safety

Do Real Work

At Pacific Structures we pride ourselves on our ability to do real field work and go beyond simply managing logistics. Instead of coming to a desk each day and pushing papers, we head out to the jobsite where the real work is being done.

Revolutionary Building

The company structure flourishes a culture of innovative building. From management to Project Engineers our culture focuses on working together as a team to push building limits. We are constantly examining how processes can be altered or enhanced to increase the safety of our workers, accelerate schedules and provide cost savings to our clients.

Flat Company Structure

Our flat company structure minimizes middle management and cultivates high involvement by all personnel in the day-to-day work. The all hands on deck mentality ensures heavy contribution of seasoned upper management on all projects and a high degree of ownership of the work by every employee. Employees work closely with the management team each day, fostering an open culture of learning and trust. Employees have the autonomy to take risks, make mistakes and learn from each and every experience.

Employee Life

We strongly believe in a healthy work/life balance. The business we are in is dangerous, challenging and can be stressful. It is vital that our employees take time away from work to recharge. We want our employees to truly enjoy their work and be able to use their strengths to contribute while still being challenged. Management often organizes lunch potlucks, happy hours and employee parties to take time to thank employees for their hard work and create team bonding.